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STacy Allen Powerskating

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Stacy Allen Power Skating 

Calgary, AB

Mission:  To teach children ages 6 - 16 years old how to improve skating performance, balance, agility and overall skating intensity. 

                                                           Skating is the name of the game.....  

I deliver a power skating program focused on fundamentals and developing strong skating technique while improving endurance, posture and balance. All sessions are designed to include high intensity skating drills with high repetition to ensure refinement of proper skating technique. Sessions will accommodate different skating ability.

Sessions available:

All sessions include 15 – 20 minute technical and endurance warm ups

• Forward stride – c cuts, stride, balance, posture and technical skating

• Backwards skating, crossovers –  focus on which movements make the most powerful cross overs

• Edge control / quick turns / transition - forward to backwards skating

• Balance/ Posture – body position and form

• Full ice skating / technical / endurance focus

• Small area skating – quick feet, acceleration, change in speed and stop/starts.

• Advanced class – high performance skating – recommended for Tier 3 or higher

Upcoming Events

Springbank Parks All Season - Dec 31, 2018 / Jan 2 / 3rd, 2019- High Performance Powerskating camp  - please contact email below for details 

[email protected]

Spring Development Camp partnered with Hockey Mill  

August 2019 Camp - over 2 weeks/ 8 days (August 19-22 / 26th -29th 2019


Summer Camp  2020 

December 2019 / 2020 Camp

Call for Private or team lessons

Spring 2020

What my students are saying:

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Cruz Paveo 

Novice Tier 1 

John Staymoose


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